Painters Flat

Land Art collaborations in the Great Basin Landscape using global positioning system (GPS), database, artist made geographic information systems (GIS), and painting technologies.
by Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum, 2003-2007

The Silver Island Bunker Trail: Hike Like a Bot!

Silver Island Bunker Trail: Hike Like a Bot!, a GPS guided public wilderness trail near Wendover Utah, perhaps the first hiking trail designed by a game bot. Tooele County UT, March 26th 2K7.

Rush Creek Wilderness Trail

The Rush Creek Wilderness Trail, possibly the first computationally derived, unofficial public wilderness trail. (2006)

Primary and Other Remote Locations

Primary and Other Remote Locations, pattern-matching the landscape on Lemay Island and the Silver Island Mountains, Box Elder County UT. (2005) forex broker


Silver Island Bunker Trail Sign

Silver Island Bunker Trail Sign, 3x3 foot sign with Ondura roofing, height 7 feet, permanant installation a the Center for Land Use Interpretation Wendover Complex (2007)

Brett Stalbaum, Rush Creek Trail Sign, ISEA 2006, phase 1 side

Rush Creek Wilderness Trail, Phase 1 side, 36x36 sign with asphalt shingle roof, 74 inches height (2006)

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