Primary and Other Remote Locations,
Box Elder County UT, Aug 12th-15th, 2K5

At the Center for Land Use Interpretation's Remote Location on Lemay Island, and its Topographical Others

Brett Stalbaum and Paula Poole


Misc. Images

Achim Mohné made improvements to his light at the Remote Location this year, adding wind power to the formerly solar project, and much a much brighter LED array. It lights a large section of CLUI remote location so well at night that you can actually walk in its glow without the use of a flashlight. We were able to see the light, which emits from one of the only artificial objects around Lemay Island, from 17 kilometers away on the Hastings cutoff.

Lemay Island, as seen from the location of Other Remote Location 3.

Crater Island (left) and the Silver Island Mountains (somewhat behind and to the right in this image - but really the same range) as seen from Lemay Island. The historic Donner-Reed emigrant party passed through the saddle between these mountain ranges in 1846, (following Hastings cutoff), on their way to tragedy and cannibalism in the Sierra Nevada.

The saddle over which Hastings cutoff crosses. We made camp here. The campsite is barely visible in this picture, not far from a road. Lemay Island - very small, past the easily visible Crater Island spur of the Silver Island Mountains - is visible in the hazy center distance. This picture represents some of the area we searched, roughly the northern part. Monhe's light is visible from here too (17 kilometers away), at night only.

A marker shows the location of the wagon trail, which still exists as a poorly maintained 4WD road.

After we were off the flats, we we happy to hang out with the eteam, Hajoe Moderegger and Franzi Lamprecht (center), and Hajoe's daughter Mara. Coincidentally, eteam was taking over the CLUI residency center last year just as we were leaving Wendover, and the same thing again this year! B&P; also drove away heading for Ely into a thunder storm both years, and we had dinner with eteam at the same casino both years. We had implemented a similar project to "Primary and Other Remote Locations" for Hajoe and Fanzi's Bergblick residency in 2003: Five Views of the Gray Knoll from Primary and Other Bergblicks. Eteam: all deja vu. Eteam: all deja vu.

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