Remote Location 1:100,000
Box Elder County UT, July 30th-Aug 3rd, 2K4

For the Center for Land Use Interpretation Wendover residency program
(July 29th - August 15th, Wendover, Tooele County, UT.)
Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum


Project Description

A map consisting of 36 geo-referenced tiles showing the terrain surrounding the CLUI Remote Location were encased in acrylic resin.

The tiles were cracked out of the resin, cutting the map into 36 separate tiles. The map image on each tile representing a one kilometer area was scaled to one centimeter, creating a 1:100,000 scale between map and terrain.

Living on site for most of 5 days, Brett collected data in the field while Paula remained at the SW corner base camp to process the data into information.

Brett Stalbaum

Utilizing GPS, Brett hiked to each of the 36 points in the 6 kilometer grid, hiking approximately 70 Kilometers in the process.

Brett Stalbaum tracks

The GPS track logs from the walking work are superimposed on a USGS topographic representation. (click to enlarge)

Brett Stalbaum

Upon arrival at each site, the geo-referenced tile was left in the center of the one kilometer square it represents, and the tile was photographed to record the local land surface. (Please see land surface prints in the exhibit.)

Brett Stalbaum

A soil sample was also taken at each site...

Brett Stalbaum

... and the UTM coordinates were recorded on the sample.

The samples were returned to the campsite every day for Paula to process.

Paula Poole

Utilizing the soil samples, Paula began the process of creating an array of paintings to be displayed in the CLUI Wendover exhibit hall.

Paula Poole

Paula's studio

Paula Poole

The paintings on display at the CLUI Wendover exhibit hall: A 6x6 geo-referenced array of 8"x8" paintings made with the landscape itself (painted by Paula Poole), mounted on masonite.

The photos of the tiles on display at the CLUI Wendover exhibit hall: A 6x6 geo-referenced array of framed 8"x10" digital prints showing the tiles and local soil conditions.

Brett Stalbaum

The digital maps of the terrain (produced with C5 Landscape Database API 1.0.3a) on display in the CLUI Wendover exhibit hall: A 6x6 geo-referenced array of 8"x8" digital prints of the landscape mounted on masonite.


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