Remote Location 1:100,000, Data



GPS track, waypoint and route data

all data (.xls)
all insertion (.csv)
all extraction (.csv)
all main sequence (.xls)
insertion 7/31/2K4 (.csv)
extraction 7/31/2K4 (.csv)
main sequence 7/31/2K4 (.csv)
insertion 8/1/2K4 (.csv)
extraction 8/1/2K4 (.csv)
main sequence 8/1/2K4 (.csv)
insertion 8/2/2K4 (.csv)
extraction 8/2/2K4 (.csv)
main sequence 8/2/2K4 (.csv)
insertion 8/3/2K4 (.csv)
extraction 8/3/2K4 (.csv)
main sequence 8/3/2K4 (.csv)
remote location waypoints (.csv)
route to remote location (.csv)
track out (.csv)

Warning: Before visiting the Remote Location, you should seek permission from CLUI (, check local weather conditions, carry at least 5 gallons of emergency reserve water per person that you do not plan to drink except in an emergency, and tell someone dependable where you are going and when you plan to return in case you experience trouble. High clearance vehicles are good, preferably 4WD, or experience operating your vehicle "off road". Shovel, always good to have.

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