Remote Location 1:100,000 Notes

Remote Location Notes


Remote Location Notes

Achim Mohné's sculptural light installation, "Fireflies", 2K3. It is the only artificial light in the area. (Pictured here during daylight hours because we did not take any good night photographs.) See Mohné's site for more information.

Mohné started a tradition, leaving a tent (middle ground) for others to use. Someone else left a bicycle. We added an aluminum camp table to the collection.

Paula's Grotto. A good spot to stay out of the afternoon sun, near the SW corner of the remote location property.

The General Dynamics RMS telemetry station - the next door neighbor of the Remote Location, and one of only three built objects in the immediate area, and one of only two you are likely to see (also, Mohné's), once you exit from the main road near the Patterson Pass sign.

Our tent, shown deforming in the strong wind of a sudden thunder storm, as we hid in the Tracker. The storm was severe enough to interrupt Brett's third day of hiking.

The following link is to a .csv file containing a GPS route. Many of the waypoints in the route mark the location of orange markers installed by Achim Mohné, which are very helpful indeed. The route can be uploaded to most GPS devices using a free program by Ron Henderson (who deserves many thanks), g7towin, and the appropriate serial cable. Warning: Before visiting the Remote Location, you should seek permission from CLUI (, check local weather conditions, carry at least 5 gallons of emergency reserve water per person that you do not plan to drink except in an emergency, and tell someone dependable where you are going and when you plan to return in case you experience trouble. High clearance vehicles are required, preferably 4WD, and experience operating your vehicle "off road", (or better, caravanning with someone who is experienced and has a wench), is also a good idea. Check your spare tire. Weather can change suddenly in the Great Basin, so be prepared for almost anything. Even the terrain - particularly faint access roads - can change substantially in only one season, so be aware that the orange markers were installed in 2K3 and that the GPS route was recorded in 2K4. Thus, they may not remain useful in the future. CLUI has excellent directions available, and this GPS route is intended only to supplement these directions - in other words, be careful. One last note, don't drive out on the playa. It may be dry enough near the edges to access the Remote Location, (check first), but further out, away from Lemay Island, is pretty much all salty mud that you will become mired in. This is not the Bonneville Speedway. The local towing industry is very lucrative, btw, if you take the meaning.

Route file

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