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Silver Island Bunker Trail: How to get there


How to get there

First, read this important safety information.

Travel by air is easiest into Salt Lake City, Utah, where it will be necessary to rent an automobile. Travel 120 miles (193 kilometers) to the West on Interstate Highway 80 to Wendover. You can start hiking the Silver Island Bunker Trail from either the West or East bunker, both of which lie along the Bureau of Land Management Silver Island Mountain National Backcountry Byway. More info below, courtesy of Bureau of Land Management.

Silver Island Mountain National Backcountry Byway

Information provided as a courtesy of Bureau of Land Management, Salt Lake Field Office, 2370 South 2300 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119, (801) 977-4300

The Silver Island Mountains are Located in the remote West Desert, this 54-mile loop route traverses the rolling hills and flat lands of the Great Basin Desert adjacent to the Bonneville Salt Flats of the Great Salt Lake.

Map on BLM sign

Directions: This road is accessed from Interstate 80 off Exit 4, just east of Wendover near Danger Cave State Park (Undeveloped). Travel one and one-half mile north on paved road, continue north on gravel road for another mile to the junction. Turn right and travel east to circle the solitary Silver Island Mountains. Two and one half to three hours driving time is recommended to travel this byway. Floating Island can be reached from the eastern tip of the Silver Island Mountains for an additional 14-mile loop.

Historic Wendover Airfield Bunker

East Bunker (parking available)

Road Conditions: The graveled and dirt road is maintained on an "as needed" schedule by Tooele County. The byway may be traveled in any type of vehicle; however a four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended and is necessary to explore any of the rocky canyons, washes or gullies of the range. Beginning mountain bikers can easily ride sections, with more stamina required to complete the full loop. The 54-mile loop can be shortened by half by cutting across Silver Island Pass. Open year-round, this byway is safer and more passable in the dry months of summer and fall.

Historic Wendover Airfield Bunker

West Bunker (parking available)

Interpretive trail sign at CLUI

An interpretive trail sign for the project is installed nearby at the Center for Land Use Interpretation Information Center/American Land Museum at the Historic Wendover Air Field. (directions)

Enola Gay Hangar

The information center is near the historic "Enola Gay" Hanger, where the Enola Gay and Bockscar B-29 aircraft and their crews trained for their historic flights over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

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