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University of California, San Diego

Department of Visual Arts 0084

Lecturer, psoe

Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major

La Jolla CA 92093

Email: stalbaum [at] ucsd.edu

Old site:



Born: South Bend, Indiana, United States

Citizenship: U.S.A.



C5 Corporation, programmer and research theorist



Painters Flat (collaborations with Paula Poole)



Electronic Disturbance Theater





M.F.A. Computers in Fine Art, CADRE Institute, School of Art and Design, December 1999

Coursework in network art, computer engineering, art history, art pedagogy, philosophy, aesthetics, and new media theory.

Thesis title: "theamericancenter.net"

Committee: Professor Joel Slayton, Dr. Patricia Sanders, and Dr Thomas Leddy



B.A., Film Studies, Cinema Department 1992

Coursework in film history and criticism, film theory, film production, and liberal arts.

Senior Project: Criticism, Barthes, and Out of the Past, a Barthesian narrative analysis of the 1946 film Out of the Past.

Senior Project Supervisor: Dr. Margo Kasdan.



A.A. Music, Music Department 1988

Coursework in music theory, music history and musicianship.



A.A. General Studies 1988

Coursework in liberal arts and computer science.



Sun certified system administrator for Solaris, Certification exam part 1 (310-011)



Evergreen Valley College, San Jose CA, coursework in object oriented programming methodology and the JAVA programming language, UNIX and Solaris System Administration, networking, shell scripting, and distance education.



I was granted equivalency to teach CIT (CIS) at Evergreen Valley College, a California Community College.



CSAC (California Student Aid Commission) Assumption Program of Loans for Education recipient (Graduate APLE) 1998-present

San Jose State University Graduate Fellowship, 1998-1999

Community Projects of Napa, CA, Scholarship, 1988




After land art: database and the locative turn, published in Intelligent Agent Volume 4, Number 4, 2005. www.intelligentagent.com, Christiane Paul, director and publisher, Patrick Lichty, Editor and Chief.


Translation of Database Logic(s) and Landscape Art for Derivas: cartografias do ciberespaço, São Paulo: Annablume, 2004, ISBN: 85-7419-456-5, Lucia Leão ed.


Editorial Notes for "Big Data", published in YLEM, Artists Using Science & Technology,

Volume 24 Number 8, July-August 2004.

This issue of the YLEM journal features the texts by artists working with large data sets in their practice, all of which were requested, organized, and edited by Brett Stalbaum, originally for a special issue of YLEM.

In Volume 24, Number 8 are:

Jevbratt, Lisa, The Prospect of the Sublime in Data Visualizations

Polli, Andrea , Atmospherics/Weather Works: Artistic Sonification of Meteorological Data

My editorial notes also include coverage of:

McPhee, Christina, Sense of Place and Sonic Topologies: Towards a Telemimetic Sublime in the Data Landscape, YLEM journal, Volume 24 Number 6, May-June 2004

This article was to have been part of the same issue, but "Big Data" was split across two issues of YLEM due to the large size of the articles. The articles from YLEM journal, Volume 24 Number 8, July-August 2004, (Stalbaum, ed., Jevbratt, Polli) and YLEM Journal Volume 24 Volume 24 Number 6, May-June 2004, (McPhee) are published contiguously (as was originally intended) in the online journal Scale, Volume 01, Issue 6+7, (Mike Podolak ed.), and can be viewed as an Adobe Acrobat portable document format file at the following URL: http://scale.ucsd.edu/volumes/2004/07/contents/scale-01-06_07-final.pdf

The online republication of the contiguous essays in Scale was approved by YLEM managing editor Loren Means, where the material was first published in print.


Software Development Platforms for Large Datasets: Artists at the API,

Leonardo Electronic Almanac volume 11, number 5, May 2003 ISSN #1071-4391



Database Logic(s) and Landscape Art

NoemaLab, Technologie and Societa, http://www.noemalab.org/, Section 25, spring 2K3



Contributions to Interaction, Artistic Practice in the Network, Amy Scholder and Jordan Crandal, Eyebean-Atelier, Distributed Art Publishers, NY, NY, 2001, ISBN: 1891024248


Conversation with Ben Eakins:

Two email dialogues on Engineers and Artists, in Markszine v2.04, March 1st 2K2



Substantial Disturbance: an interview with Faith Wilding

Switch- the new media art journal of the CADRE Institute Vol. 7 no 1 Spring 2001



New Media in Academia: Interviews with Representatives of New Media Academia

Switch- the new media art journal of the CADRE Institute Vol. 6 no 1 Spring 2000


Interviews with: Roy Ascott (CAiia-Star), James Duesing (CMU), Sheldon Brown (UCSD), Shawn Brixey (UCB), Joel Slayton (SJSU), Kenneth E. Rinaldo (OSU), Natalie Bookchin (Cal-Arts), Kathy Rae Huffman (RPI), Peter Lunenfeld (ACCD), Robert F. Nideffer (UCI), Victoria Vesna (UCLA), Paula Levine (SFSU), Jeff Jones (QUT), Brooke A. Knight (UM), Daniel Bernardi (UA), Greg Niemeyer (Stanford).


Interview with Sandy Stone

Switch- the new media art journal of the CADRE Institute Vol. 5 no 1 Spring 1999 (with Geri Wittig)



Interview with Sadie Plant

Switch- the new media art journal of the CADRE Institute Vol. 5 no 1 Spring 1999 (with Geri Wittig)



Contributions to Hacktivism Forthcoming, Autonomedia Press, NY, NY

ISBN: 1570271100

               - "FloodNet Philosophy" (originally 1998)

               - "Artists, Activists and Zapatistas: the complex of identity in simulation and agency" (originally 1998)

               - (With Geri Wittig), "Interview with Sandy Stone" (originally published in Switch)

               - (With Geri Wittig), "Interview with Sadie Plant" (originally published in Switch)


Aesthetic Conditions in Art on the Network: Beyond Representation to the relative speeds of hyptertextual and conceptual implementations

Switch- the new media art journal of the CADRE Institute Vol. 4 no 2 Spring 1998



Conjuring Post-worthlessness: Contemporary Web Art and the Postmodern Context

Switch- the new media art journal of the CADRE Institute Vol. 3 no 2 Summer 1997



The Construction of Art on the Internet and the Mediating Influence of the Search Engine

Switch- the new media art journal of the CADRE Institute Vol. 3 no 1 Spring 1997







C5 Landscape Initiatives at SFCAMERAWORK, May 24th-June 25th, 2005, 1246 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA.

"San Francisco Camerawork presents The C5 Landscape Initiative, an exhibition featuring work by C5 Corporation, a new media collective based in San Jose, California. The Landscape Initiative is the culmination of three years of research and documentation of C5's performative expeditions into the landscape through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and big data analyses. C5 is interested in how people interact with data, and how data influences the way we interact with our environment."


In Conversation with C5, Thu, May 26, 7:00pm, at SFCAMERAWORK (Part of C5 Landscape Initiative exhibition). Gallery talk and walkthrough with the artists of C5: Steve Durie, Bruce Gardner, Amul Goswamy, Matt Mays, Joel Slayton, Brett Stalbaum, Jack Toolin and Geri Wittig.


Lecture: Remote Location 1:100,000 (a paintersflat.net project, 2004), artists Brett Stalbaum and Paula Poole, Sacramento State University Art Department, 7 p.m., Kadema Hall 145, Tuesday April 26th.


Fair Assembly: Making Things Public: Online exhibition at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (The Center for Art and Media Technology), Karlsruhe, Germany, March 18th 2K5, Curator: Steve Deitz. Opened March 18th 2K5, ongoing. C5 Landscape Database Version 1.0.3 is released under the Lesser General Public License, 3/18/2K5, as contribution to exhibition. Please see: http://makingthingspublic.zkm.de/fairassembly/


ARCO '05, Madrid, 09-14 Feb, MEIAC stand: Metamorfosis/Esquema, MEIAC - Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo (ES), Program: "Museo Inmaterial (v2)", Project: "Metamorfosis", in ARCO 05: "Metamorphosis" preview: "Scheme", at MEIAC, Septembre 2005: "Metamorfosis", Curator: Antonio Cerveira-Pinto

Work shown: Electronic Disturbance Theatre - EDT, "DDK - Disturbance Developer Kit" (original,1999), collaborative work, collective art-conceptual denial of service kit for activist use.




Presentation at DORKBOTSOCAL 6, Presentation of work by Paintersflat.net (Stalbaum/Poole) and C5 software (developmental version of the C5 Landscape Database) at the December meeting of Dorkbot Southern California, (people doing strange things with electricity), December 18th 2004 - 8pm, Enlighted Designs, 163 La Costa Ave, Encinitas CA 92024


LOCATION!LOCATION!LOCATION! -Three Projects in Locative Media by California Artists

Wednesday, November 10, 7:30 pm, McBean Theater, Exploratorium, 3501 Lyon St., San Francisco, CA 94123, Sponsored by YLEM. Brett Stalbaum and Paula Poole discuss their work Remote Location, 1:100,000 (2004)


"Faces of II", Studio II Gallery, Napa, CA, October 2004. Paintings shown from a collaborative database and locative media project "Five Views of the Gray Knoll from Primary and other Bergblicks" by Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum (2004)


Lecture: "Five Views of the Gray Knoll from Primary and other Bergblicks" (project, 2003) and other PaintersFlat.net projects at Studio II Gallery, Napa, CA, October 10th 2004. With Paula Poole.


Remote Location 1:100,000
Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum
July 30th - August 4th, 2K4 (
Box Elder County, Utah, USA.)
For the Center for Land Use Interpretation Wendover residency program,
July 29th - August 15th, Wendover,
Tooele County, UT.

Exhibition: CLUI Wendover Exhibit Hall #1, Wendover, UT. August 15th 2K4 - ongoing.



Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (The Center for Art and Media Technology), Karlsruhe, Germany

Media Art Network Lectures: Mapping, January 24th 2004

Lecture on recent C5 work and the essay Database Logic(s) and Landscape Art


Video of the presentation is available at: http://netzspannung.org/positions/lectures/mapping/?lang=en




Bergblick Residency, Modena Utah, July 2003 (http://www.meineigenheim.org/lot/), collaboration with Paula Poole, guests of Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger

Our report: Five Views of the Gray Knoll from Primary and other Bergblicks




Painters Flat 1:100,000, Lassen County CA, June 17th-22nd, 2K3, with Paula Poole




C5 Landscape Database (alpha version) – a GPS compatible database of Universal Transverse Mercator Grid elevations and an API (in Perl) for accessing, processing and analyzing geo data.



Speaking – delivered text titled "Software development platforms for large datasets: artists at the API"

Rhizome.org event sponsored by Qbox in San Francisco CA, April 26th 2002. http://rhizome.org/events/rhizome_sf_apr.php3


C5 Demtool 1.0 - A Freeware Digital Elevation Model Browser with data export capabilities.





Guest artist in Lisa Jevbratt's "Mapping the Web Infome", New Langton Arts exhibition "Lifelike", 1246 Folsom Street San Francisco, CA, June 27- July 28, 2001, and ongoing on the Internet.



The Zapatista Tribal Port Scan Demonstration of Concept – an application/applet for distributed port scanning for the Electronic Disturbance Theater.



(group participation)

Speaking - UC Berkeley: The Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium 

March 19th 2001, C5, Artist Corporation, San Jose

Group presentation, Data and its Discontents




(group participation)

•C5- You Don't See That You Don't See (YDSTYDS) was commissioned for the Digital Secrets Symposium: New Collaborations in Visual Art and Technology, Institute for Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University Tempe, AZ.

Performed at Drama City, ASU, November 10, 2000.

Performance by C5, Directed by Jack Toolin and Steve Durie, Written by C5. I wrote the speech for theorist 1, "Donna", (performed by Geri Wittig), on Alan Turing and John Searle. I also "Performed" as the Chinese Box in the performance.



•C5- You Don't See That You Don't See (YDSTYDS) Performed at Works Gallery, San Jose CA, Oct. 28th 2000


(group exhibition)

•Out of State (recent SJSU MFA graduates), Works Gallery, Works Gallery, San Jose CA, May 17th to June 16th.



•theamericancenter.net (currently desiccated) - A web site dedicated to simulation, ridicule, contemporary web art (circa 1999), and the exploration of the cultural and legal implications of identity on the internet, with a particular emphasis on an art-ontological difference with theamericancenter.org. Basically, this was a cyber-squatting project in which I made fun of the intersections assumed between wine, food and art posited by Robert Mondavi's American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts. As part of the performance, postcards were sent to thousands of Napa residents with an interest in the arts, who were attracted to the "fake" website. After the domain name dispute, which consisted of little more than legal threats, The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts renamed itself to Copia, and its website to www.copia.org. Thesis online at http://www.theamericancenter.net


(group participation)

•The Electronic Disturbance Theater assisted in the development of software for Toywars (online electronic civil disobedience directed against etoys.com). Funded by rtmark.com. (December – See selected EDT media links below)

I was the primary Java architect, working with Carmin Karasic and anonymous others who performed web design and Javascript coding. The project was funded by rtmark.com, December 1999. The software is archived on a CD to be distributed with the forthcoming book, Hacktivism, to be published by Autonomedia.

Note: this project was written about in Paul, Christiane, Digital Art, 2003 Thames & Hudson Ltd, London, pages 207-209. ISBN: 0-50020367-9


•C5- at Ars Electronica 1999, Linz Austria. C5 exhibited various projects as part of the Open-X exhibition.



•C5 Panel, San Jose State University, April 20th 1999

Topic: Art and Networks

Brett Stalbaum: the emerging histories of net.art: design, anti-design, narrative, political, informatics

http://switch.sjsu.edu/web/v5n1/c5/index.html (transcript)


•C5- New Langton Arts, Test Tube Performance Series, San Francisco, California, June 11, 1999

Performance by C5, I wrote the lecture for theorist 1, performed by Kristin Cully, on Alan Turing and John Searle.




•net.art Sketch 1.0

easily draw pictures 2880 miles wide by 1755 miles high with a Java applet.

October 19th through October, Galley 3 (installation) and WWW, San Jose State University, school of art and design.



(group participation)

•C5- 16 Sessions

A C5 project commissioned by the Walker Art Center for their Shock of the View exhibit

I wrote the mingling/data mining algorithm.



•C5- Radio Controlled Surveillance Probes (RCSP) Experimental Demonstration: SIGGRAPH 1998 - Orlando, Florida


(Remote participation, I wrote the IAC RCSP Visualization Tool for modeling the behavior of RCSP sessions over the internet. http://c5.sjsu.edu/IAC/IAChome.html )


•Java Programmer for the Electronic Disturbance Theater, In collaboration with Carmin Karasic, Stefan Wray, and Ricardo Dominguez. EDT was founded in April, after which the FloodNet applet and related FloodNet activist performances took place. (See selected EDT media below.)




•The Joint Tactical Disinformation Distribution System, a web specific art work that implicates the user in the act of sending error log spam to various U.S. military web servers. San Jose State University, School of Art and Design, Room 233, Tuesday April 28th 1997.



(group participation)

•Landscape Painting as Counter Surveillance of Area 51, Area 51 Research Center, Rachel NV

"Sighting Over Bald Mountain" acrylic gel medium and natural pigments on canvas

In conjunction with hyperlogical performance art near the heavily guarded border of the infamous "top-secret" United States military installation known as AREA 51.

see documentation at http://cadre.sjsu.edu/area210/

See also additional Web specific contributions to parts of Landscape Painting as Counter Surveillance of Area 51:

•Take a trip on the ET highway - Collaboration with Paula Poole


•Spam at Nellis AFB Scandal




QTV- a movie project and web specific art work




Aprés Garde Movie, digital video installation, music by Rebecca King. Shown at the Benjamin Falk Gallery, Napa CA, April 1995.


SELECTED MEDIA on Electronic Disturbance Theater and FloodNet

Security Watch 23.April.2K1 by Kirsten Weisenburger

Hactivists of the World, divide



The Village Voice 18.Oct.2K. by Sarah Ferguson

Pecked to Death by a Duck



San Francisco Chronicle 20.Nov.2K. by Carrie Kirby, Chronicle Staff Writer

Hacking With a Conscience Is a New Trend



salon.com 20.July.2K. by Brendan I. Koerner

To heck with hactivism



The Terrorism Research Center

Testimony before the Special Oversight Panel on Terrorism,

Committee on Armed Services, U.S. House of Representatives

23.May.2K. by Dorothy E. Denning




CNN 21.Dec.99. by Ellen Messmer

eToys attacks show need for strong Web defenses



Wired News 15.Dec.99. by Steve Kettmann

E-Riots Threaten EToys.com



New York Cybertimes, arts @ large 18.Mar.99. by Matthew Maripaul

A Different Kind of Demonstration Software



Forbes 14.Dec.98. by Adam Penenberg

When art meets cyberwar



Wired News 22.Sep.98. by Niall McKay

Hacktivists Join Activists



New York Times front page story October 31st 1998:

'Hacktivists' of All Persuasions Take Their Struggle to the Web

by Amy Harmon


Wired News 22.Sep.98. by Niall McKay

The Golden Age of Hacktivism




Wired News 10.Sep.98. by Niall McKay

Pentagon Deflects Web Assault




Wired News 26.Jun.98 by Joe Nickell

Takin' It to the ... Screen





This coming academic year (2005-2006) at UCSD I will be teaching Introduction to Computing and the Arts (2), Computer Programming for the Arts I (2), Computer Programming for the Arts II (1), and Current Practices (1). Although my terminal degree is in fine art, I have in the past been granted equivalency to teach CIT (CIS) at Evergreen Valley College, where I taught Intro to program design and development and PERL programming (both in a traditional classroom and through the online distance education program). I have taught the following topics more than once: Intro to Computers in Art (6), Introduction to Computer Programming (C++) (6), Introduction to Computers (5), PERL/CGI programming (5), and various topics in Java programming (10). I have also taught HTML and Web Publishing as full courses, and introduced the HTML topic in some detail in an Art Department context, (ART 101a, SJSU, 4 times.) Recently, I taught a professional presentation undergraduate seminar in the graduate school application process.




UCSD - Department of Visual Arts


Large Lectures

VA 40 (ICAM 40/VIS 40, cross listed), Introduction to Computing in the Arts, Fall 2K3, Fall 2K4

VIS159/ICAM150 (cross listed), The History of Art and Technology, Winter 2K5



VA 141A (VIS 141A), Introduction to Computer Programming for the Arts, Fall 2K3, Winter 2K4, Fall 2K4

VA 141B (VIS 141B), Advanced Computer Programming for the Arts, Winter 2K4, Spring 2K4, Winter 2K5, Spring 2K5



ICAM 130, Seminar in Contemporary Computing Topics, Spring 2K4, Spring 2K5

VIS 90, Undergraduate Seminar, Spring 2K5


Teaching Computers and Information Technology

Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, CA

Adjunct, Spring 2002 – Spring 2003

Temporary full time Professor of Computers and Information Technology, 2000-2001 academic year

Adjunct Spring and Summer 2000



CIT 42 Perl Programming Fall 2000, Spring 2001, Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Spring 2003

CIT 40 Internet Publishing ( HTML) Summer 2000

CIT 20 Program Design and Development (Intro to programming with C++)

Fall 2000(2 sections), Spring 2001, Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Spring 2003

CIT 10, Introduction to Computing and Information Technology

Spring 2000, Fall 2000, Spring 2001(2 sections), Summer 2002


Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale CA

Adjunct Faculty



CVEM 200, Intermediate Web Design

Fall 1999, Spring 2000, Summer 2000

(This course focused on the JAVA programming language and applets for beginning programmers.)


Other Teaching - Studio Courses in Fine Art

Computers in Art, Design, Research and Education Institute, (now known as the CADRE digital media laboratory)

San Jose State University, School of Art and Design



Art 101A, Introduction to Computers in Fine Art

Fall 1998, Spring 1999, Fall 1999 (Teaching Associate)

Summer 2000 (Adjunct Faculty)



ICAM 130 class project (UCSD) in Las Vegas Nevada, Spring 2K5 (http://www.vagueasart.com/)

VIS 141B class projects, (UCSD) Spring 2K5, (http://www.crazyforloops.com/)

VIS 141B class projects, (UCSD) Winter 2K5, (http://www.oneforoneapi.net/)

ICAM 130 class project (UCSD) at Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, May 15th 2K4 (http://dimension.ucsd.edu/~racetrackplaya/)

Old student work can be viewed on my old cadre info page: (http://cadre.sjsu.edu/~beestal/Index.html)